Monday, September 17, 2012

Tournament Season Wrap-Up

Fusion this past weekend was the last Without Limits tournament of 2012!  Needless to say, I am half a person right now as I was both playing in and running the event.  It has been a whirlwind of a year with lots of unanticipated challenges, but I hope we provided lots of quality playing opportunities for teams across the country.  Thank you to all who attended our events!

We have one last clinic planned for November ( and we are already ramping up for 2013.  Stay tuned to the Projects page as we confirm events for next season.

I was thinking today about how much of the tournament running process relies on friends.  I feel like every tournament has a story of sorts... and those stories all center around people.  Friends are the backbone of the events we run-- they are the reason for investment and they make all of the effort worthwhile.  Living in a hotel for a few days before Fusion reminded me of all of the wonderful people who housed me as I traveled from event to event this year and took care of me on the road.  I started making a list... forgive me if I missed you!

- Erin Hurd (Kansas State)
- Kami Groom (Wash U)
- Tobey Beaver (DeSoto)

- Lindsey Hack (Phoenix) and Raj Prasad (Truck Stop)
- Kate Wilson and Angela Lin (Ozone)
- Natalie Espino (Bucket)
- Emily Lloyd (Georgia / Ozone), Anraya Palmer (Georgia), Lane Siedor (Georgia / Ozone), Julia Fuster (Georgia), and Courtney Farrell (Georgia)

- Laura Glassman (Tufts)
- Shannon Waugh (Colorado)
- Adriana Withers (VC Ultimate)

- Kelly Wright (Loyola / IBEX) and Sara Nolan (Loyola / Gambit)
- Steve Meyers (VC Ultimate / Haymaker)
- Julie Habbert and Emily Luck (Wash U)
- Janel Venzant, Hayley Manning, and Elise Bjork (Texas)
- Paige Hill (Grinnell) and Hanna Liebl (Grinnell / panIC)
- Danielle Fortin and Kate Werry (Capitals)
- Herscus (Colorado College, Harvard, and Carleton)

- Sam Huo (Wash U)
- Carly Maconaghy (Penn State)
- Anna Schott (Molly Brown)

- Lindsey Cross (Molly Brown)
- Lauren Nelson and Stephanie Arker (Brute Squad)

- Lori Eich (Nemesis)
- Katie Dolara (Nemesis) and Dane Olsen (Machine)

I was overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of people on this list.  Thank you to all of these friends who allowed me to crash their couches and spare bedrooms, do laundry, and steal internet.  I am certain that Without Limits would not have made it through 2012 without you.  And I'm not sure I would have either.  Thank you.

Thank you again for all of your support this year, and I hope to see all of you at events in 2013.