Thursday, July 21, 2011

Texas Captaining Clinic 101

We're still waiting on a few more posts from friends, but we've also been hard at work making some new projects happen.

In case you missed the announcement, we'll be running a clinic in Dallas in November:

Laura Weinman, former UNT captain and current Hot Mess captain, approached us a couple of months ago about helping with some kind of clinic in the Dallas area, and after reconnecting last week, we decided to move forward with this project. The past few days have been a flurry of looking for fields and getting the word out. If you know a player or team that might be interested in this opportunity, please point them to us! By my count, there are over a dozen schools within reasonable driving distance who could benefit from this, and we've already heard from quite a few of them. This location allows us to reach women in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Louisiana, and we've also reached out to our friends from further away.

I'm very excited about this project for a number of reasons:
1. I believe this type of leadership development opportunity is much-needed in the South.
2. The camaraderie among college women's ultimate players in Texas has increased a ton over the past few years, and I hope that we can continue to encourage the growth of that community.
3. It's an excellent opportunity for club players to give back and invest in the next generation of ballers.
4. It's exciting to see some of the younger teams in the state taking a leadership role in the growth of women's ultimate.
5. Being a new college captain is daunting, and we can reach a ton of teams with this clinic.
6. Profits from this event will benefit other clinics and guest coaching programs.

Laura has been awesome about figuring out logistics and getting the word out to the Dallas community, and her enthusiasm for women's ultimate and for the growth of our sport is inspiring. Laura was an attendee at the Roundup Division at Midwest Throwdown in 2010 and she didn't even hesitate when I asked her to pay that opportunity forward by helping to make something similar happen at Virginia is for Layouts.

In case you can't tell, we're PUMPED about this clinic. if you're a player looking for more information about attending, or someone from afar looking for a way to support our work, please check out the clinic page and get in touch!

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  1. Wow! What a great idea! I think alot of team captains could use the guidance that these clinics will provide. It would be nice to see something here in my area of the country...Maplewood, New Jersey. There is a coaching clinic scheduled for our area early August but a captains clinic would be amazing.I have seen young people come in and have to "learn on the job"...however that usually involves an entire season of Ultimate...too long. Hopefully captains are being molded for captainship and learning the ropes a year before they actually become captains (ex: co-captain/team leaders) but this is not always the case. Going in cold is very stressful and being armed with a Captain Clinic could greatly reduce the stress and allow for a more enjoyable experience for both new captain and her/their teams ;) It would be nice to see the clinics offered across the country, any where from late spring to mid summer in preparation for the following Ultimate year. Way to go WOL! You sow the seeds of Ultimate in so many ways. I love how you take an idea an make it a reality!