Monday, April 1, 2013

By The Numbers

Number of...
Solo miles driven: 9,908
Events run: 9 (+ coaching Swarthmore on their spring break trip)
Events impacted by weather: 7
Oil changes: 3
Total teams at spring events (not unique): 245
Clinics organized: 8
Nights sleeping in my car: 2
Nights at home since January: ~5
Other places (hotels or friends' houses) crashed at: 14
Teams that dropped out mid-event: 1
Dead birds received: 0
Pieces of identification stolen (from me): 4
Credit cards stolen (from me): 5
Autographs requested by college players: 1
Trips to Costco: 9
Times my car broke down: 1
Breakfast tacos eaten: 2
Text messages from college players asking about the weather forecast: 1
Trips to the Genius Bar to swap out my iPhone: 2
Portapotties ordered: 18
Mix CDs received: 3
Former co-captains a meal has been shared with: 2
Jars of Nutella purchased: 64
States visited: 14
BIG checks received: 1 (still owe you all a post on this!)
Times I begged my way into buying spray paint without identification: 2
Emails received about future projects in the past 24 hours: 4

Too many to count:
Bags of garbage picked up
Emails received
Emails sent
Hours spent on Score Reporter
People who have told me I'm the unluckiest person they know
Comments received about how crucial brownie bites are to Without Limits events
College players who now know that I don't own a bed
Servings of Diet Coke consumed
Items printed at Kinko's
Tanks of gas filled
Meaningful conversations with college ultimate players
Tears cried (happy and sad)
College players asking me to get Snapchat
Emails from my mom asking if I am alive
People who have pulled me through the past two months


  1. But you got dead bird cupcakes! :D

  2. Trips to Costco.. the best

    I'm glad you are safe after 9000+ miles!