Friday, March 18, 2016

What Does Centex Mean To You? (Final Post!)

This post is a little awkward for me to share, but I promised people that I wouldn't censor anything. What I think this post really shows is the generations of Melee leadership who love Women's College Centex and who have dedicated insane amounts of time and energy to making this event what it is. We love Melee, but more than that, we love the women's ultimate community. And we love you all for supporting Centex and what it stands for.  

Eight years ago, when that group of college leaders made a decision to demand more for the college women's division, I knew that I wanted to be a part of making those changes a reality. I didn't want our division to be an afterthought; I knew we deserved more than that. I didn't have a plan, nor did I have the skills to actually do anything to make the changes I wanted to see. I was a grad student getting my Master's in Community and Regional Planning with a focus on Affordable Housing, a person with a normal life. I've been an introvert my entire life and my teammates and closest friends will tell you that I dislike interacting with people. Generally not good characteristics for an event organizer to have. I never intended to end up where I am now, but I guess sometimes I accidentally put my whole heart into things. I know many of you are the same way.

While I know that my remaining time as an organizer in the college women's division is limited, my hope is that I have inspired other players to carry on this torch. The women's division deserves the best. Create the opportunities. Support people you believe in. Give money to projects that align with your values. Stand for something and make your teammates do the same. Recognize that you are a part of something bigger. Sometimes sacrificing what is best for yourself, or even what is best for your team, means that the entire division can take a giant step forward.  Work together. I believe in you all because I've seen what is possible with Centex. And I know that this is just the beginning.

Today's post is from a very special Melee alum. She shares another perspective on last year's Mudtex and the crushing feeling that the organizers experienced in the days leading up to the event. She highlights the love that goes into every aspect of planning Centex and the deep investment we feel in this tournament, and in all of you. We look forward to sharing another weekend in Texas with you, and on behalf of Texas Women's Ultimate, I want to thank you for all of your support. See you on the fields.

I honestly have so many things to share about why Centex is so special and what it means for me as a player, organizer, dancer and Austinite. The list could go on and on, but working with Michelle to organize Centex will always be one of favorite memories. Seeing all the moving pieces that go into an event so large and getting to witness how Michelle methodically tackles every single task enthusiastically (most of the time) is incredible. I'm not trying to embarrass Michelle, but Michelle is what makes Centex special for me. Michelle cares so much and does everything she possibly can to better the competition and growth of women's ultimate through Centex. We poured hours and hours into planning and execution for Centex 2015 and to see it all crumble the week before the tournament because of rain really sucked. Canceling was never even an option though. The only option in both our minds was to re-plan and re-execute everything from scatch the week of the tournament. I don't think either of us were more happy than when final rounds ended on Sunday and we headed over to Trudy's.  When you play Saturday games in a drainage ditch with animal carcasses in it 40 minutes away from campus, it definitely isn't a perfect Centex by any means, but teams need Centex and that's why we do it. No matter what. I love Centex and I love Michelle. Thanks for making Centex possible year after year.

Kelly Lavine
College Teams Attended With: University of Texas Mayhem, University of Texas Melee
Years Attended: Player 2012-2015, Organizer 2015

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