Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What Does Centex Mean To You? (Part II)

Read the introduction to this series of posts here! This afternoon, we hear from two more leaders in the women's ultimate community. For me personally, seeing these women go from being players at Centex to coaching at the tournament and leading their respective club teams is a huge honor. I'm also lucky enough to have been able to call one of them my teammate.

Centex 2011 was one of the first times our team recognized the importance of the greater ultimate community.  We had a great run through the Sunday bracket and a few teams who were watching finals were actually rooting for us, something we had never experienced before.  The community the tournament builds through the social on Friday, the dance-off and Saturday night BBQ are unmatched in the college division.  It's a great celebration of women's ultimate, I'm excited to return again this weekend as a coach and watch the next generation battle on the field and create lasting relationships off.  

Claire Chastain
Current Team: Colorado Molly Brown Captain, University of Colorado Kali Coach, WUGC Women’s Team
College Teams Attended With: University of North Carolina-Wilmington Seaweed; University of Colorado Kali
Years Attended: Player 2011, 2013; Coach 2015


Ah, Centex. Torchy's Tacos and BBQ. So much BBQ.

As a player, Centex had always been the tournament I most looked forward to. We always saw a chunk of good teams at Queen City or Midwest Throwdown, but Centex hosted all of them. They told me Centex was pre-Nationals - any of the teams here, you could expect to be at Nationals. I can't really remember the individual games; according to the archives, some games we crushed, some games we got crushed. I can remember, though, that Centex always offered an amazing opportunity to play the best of the best from all over the country.

As a coach, I'm just back for the food.

Carol Li
Current Team: Chicago Nemesis Captain, Northwestern University Gungho Coach
College Teams Attended With: Northwestern University Gungho
Years Attended: Player 2010-2013; Coach 2015

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