Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Does Centex Mean To You? (Part VII)

Today's post is a bit delayed because apparently, it's possible for everything to fall apart more than once.  :(  Sometimes rain threatens your field site and you find that the backup location you secured previously has undergone unplanned construction and rock dumping sometime in the past two weeks.  Someday I'll write a book...

I'm privileged to share posts from three former Tufts players tonight.  Ewo has been a huge part of Women's College Centex in recent years.  Their epic performance at 2011 only strengthened our commitment to creating opportunities to play up and it helped to propel the team back to the top of the college women's division.  Princess and Juice were the two leaders with a vision and we worked hard to get the team to Centex their senior year.  Qxhna continued this commitment to excellence and has been a huge inspiration to all of us with her project All-Star Ultimate Tour.

Centex 2011 began my senior college ultimate spring and was a glorious launch to an exciting and challenging season. We were initially seeded 22nd out of 54 teams but surprised everyone by winning games against North Carolina, Carleton College, Washington, and Iowa to finish 3rd. The format of the tournament allowed us to rise out of Div II and face new levels of competition, which began a successful season and triumphant return to the Nationals scene later that year. Games aside, other huge highlights of the weekend were: THE DANCE COMPETITION!!!, playing in an all-women tournament, having Michelle Ng as the TD, escaping cold NE climates & meeting competition from across the country, eating delicious Mexican food, and staying with super welcoming Austin ultimate community members. Centex 2011 will always have a special place in my heart!

Anna "Princess" Chute
Most Recent Team: Wild Card 2012-2014
College Team Attended With: Tufts University Ewo 
Year Attended: Player 2011 


What I loved about centex was that it brought really good competition for women's teams early in the season. Its a long winter in New England, and often or not our first or second serious tournament as the A team was sectionals. Centex not only improved our team through playing together early on against excellent teams from all over the country, but by providing some serious EXCITEMENT/PUMP UP early in the season during indoor practice season. It didn't hurt that the tournament was flawlessly run and put together. Also, trying to come up with a dance for our team was a welcome distraction (even though we definitely should have won) from tedious midterms.

Anna "Juice" Glassman
College Team Attended With: Tufts University Ewo
Year Attended: Player 2011


There's something about arriving at the Centex field site and just seeing a sea of women's ultimate. Field after field after field of powerful and strong female athletes - for as far as the eye can see! I loved attending Centex when I was in college at Tufts University because I felt a part of the women's ultimate community! 

Qxhna Titcomb
Current Team: Seattle Riot
College Team Attended With: Tufts University Ewo
Years Attended: 2012-2013, 2015

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