Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Callahan Profile: Carolyn Finney (UCSB)

I have known Carolyn Finney since her rookie year and it has been a privilege to watch her develop into one of the best players in the college women's division. Finney is an incredible player and leader, and has led UCSB back to the top of the division yet again this season. She has played and led alongside top players such as Andrea Romano, Katie Barry, and Kaela Jorgenson, and this year, she has taken the team's destiny into her own hands. In this feature, we ask Finney some questions, and then ask her former teammate and co-captain Kaela to answer some questions as well.

First, some questions for Finney...

1. How long have you been playing ultimate?
This is my fifth year, I had never seen it played before my freshman year at UCSB.

2. Offense or defense?

D for sure! I think the focus of D on the Skirts is what has made our program successful over the past few years and the part of the game I think is most fun. Man D, zone D, junk D whatev.

3. Describe your game in 5 words.
Intense, Heart, Perseverance, Skirts Love

4. Favorite memory with the Skirts
The Skirts has really consumed most of my life over the past 4.5 years there are so many great times, but I would have to say winning the Collage Championship title in 2009 with my closest friends, and having so much support from everyone in Santa Barbara and Alumni around the country was awesome.

And now some questions for Kaela...
1. What is Finney's strongest asset as a player? As a leader?

Finney does an amazing job of leading by example. She would never ask anyone to do something that she does not do herself. She expects her teammates to put in their best effort and helps them to become the best players that they can be. Anyone who has seen her play or had the privilege of playing with her knows she leaves it all on the field.

2. Describe your time with Finney on the Skirts. How has Finney changed UCSB ultimate?
Finney and I were rookies on the Skirts together and ended up captaining together and living together for two years. I love playing with Finney because she always seems to know exactly what I want her to do and does it. Finney has been a driving force on the team since her freshman year and I attribute a good amount of the Skirts' 5 consecutive years at nationals and 4 consecutive appearances in the finals to her dedication and hard work.

3. What sets Finney apart from the other people you've played with?
Finney is an incredibly skilled player but what sets her apart is not only her heart but her dedication to her teammates and to the game. I always know I can count on her on and off the field.

4. What memory of Finney defines her in your mind?
When she caught the winning goal for us in the 2009 college finals.

5. Give us 3 adjectives to describe Finney.
Bad-ass. loyal. honest.

6. Tell us one thing about Finney we likely don't know. Feel free to embarrass her. ;)
She is a black belt...and a drunk hitter. great combination :)

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