Friday, May 13, 2011


The greatest privilege of being an organizer over the past five years has been getting to know players and their teams on a personal level. These teammates, opponents, and friends have inspired Without Limits, and are the reason we do what we do. We have seen their heartbreaks, their struggles, and the joys of their successes. It is that emotion, that investment of time and effort, and that passion that drives us.

Over the past few days, many of our friends have come to us asking for more coverage of the women's division heading into the D-I and D-III College Championships. I'm a planner / architect / economist by training. I spend hours agonizing over previews and recaps, and while I adore my iPhone and iPad, I don't know a darn thing about technology or media. And so I did what I always do when I am struggling with getting an idea off the ground. I went to my friends.

First, I called Robyn Fennig and spent about 20 minutes rambling to her about media, my ideas, and all of the stories that needed to be covered. It's a good thing she's used to this side of me and she agreed immediately to help. I then reached out to friends who have supported my work over the years. Within a few hours, I had two dozen people willing to contribute content. I'm excited about the response we've gotten, excited about the people writing, and most importantly, excited to get some amazing players and teams the coverage they deserve.

This weekend, we'll be posting a couple of features to whet your appetite. On Monday, we will begin our coverage in earnest. You can expect player profiles, team profiles, some Callahan coverage, feature stories, videos and pictures, and probably even a podcast or two. Our content will be driven by the authors, and if you'd like to contribute, please email me at michelle (at) withoutlimitsultimate dot com. We are looking to cover both D-I and D-III, and we'd love to get your stories out there.

Thank you, as always, for your support. We look forward to the next two weeks.

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