Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leaguevine Mobile at Nationals

I asked my friend Mark "Spike" Liu to share some of what Leaguevine will be doing at Nationals. Please check out the information below and get involved!


This year at Nationals we are hoping to broadcast the best real time updates to Ultimate fans ever. To do this, we must rely on the efforts from players and spectators at the fields. If you are at the fields and have a smart phone, you can contribute by using Leaguevine Mobile. Just open your phone's browser and go to

If you already have a Twitter account, Leaguevine Mobile will help you tweet scores by automatically constructing the tweet for you. You can quickly select the score and then it will create a tweet that looks like "Pittsburgh 2 - Colorado College 1" plus any comment you add as
well as a link that takes you to a page with all of the previous updates for that game. Your friends can follow along at home at

Please help contribute to this community by providing your own real time updates!

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