Thursday, May 19, 2011

Callahan Profile: Lindsey Wilson (Washington)

In this Callahan profile, we ask Lindsey Wilson of Washington Element, and her coach Danny Karlinsky, to answer some questions. Most know Lindsey as the tall lefty who breaks, hucks, and skies at will, but did you know that Lindsey is a total goofball? And that she has a twin sister? Keep reading for more about this Callahan nominee.

First, some questions for Lindsey...

1. How long have you been playing ultimate? What teams have you played for?
I guess I've been playing for about sevenish years, though my parents played frisbee, so maybe it all started at birth... We started a team at my high school around my sophomore year. Lost every single game. :) I've played on too many teams to count. Notable ones: Shazam. UW. Underground. Sleepover(pjs mandatory).

2. Offense or defense?
I prefer defense, but I'm better at offense. Or am I?

3. What is your best asset on the field.
Not telling. My facial expressions? My awkward stride?

4. What is your strongest ability as a leader?
Pushing myself during workouts and games as hard as I can so I can set an example for teammates. I love my team and all the work I do is for them!

5. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment.
Every time I open my mouth?

6. What is your favorite memory with Element?
UBC game at Sectionals. Coming back to win 13-12 on DGP after being down 12-10 was pretty sweet.

7. How often do people confuse you with your twin sister? Does she play ultimate?
All the time. Though she's definitely the pretty one. And way faster than me. She's pretty good at ultimate, but she's never played in high school or college. She always gives me a hard time about messing up her eligibility though, because I always would put her on our roster in high school so they wouldn't DQ us for not having enough girls. Whoops...

Some questions for Danny...

1. What sets Lindsey apart from other players you've coached?
Lindsey has the quality that any coach has to respect- There is no ‘good enough’ for her. She drives herself to be better every single time she takes the field. At track she is going 1000% and bringing her teammates with her. She has experienced a lot as a college player and knows how to assert herself to help the team. In addition, she has really taken initiative with the team in terms of being a quality leader and takes it upon herself to align the team with our focus of winning, but maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and respect throughout our season.

All of that, combined with her absolutely dominant break mark throws and hucks, a nasty mark and a pension for breaking zones, she is easily one of the best handlers in the entire country. (Oh, and this is her first year handling in college!)

2. Talk about a play or moment from this season that defines Lindsey in your mind.
Against UCSB at Stanford, we had a really rough hell point. Finney and Marie in addition to our top players were almost jogging by the last possessions. We just got a turn back and Lindsey surveys the field and sees this overall feeling of exhaustion pouring from everyone on the field and she hits this over-drive button. She ends up touching it every other and puts out a flat and beautiful 25 yard break field lead pass to finish the point. When she gets the fire in her eyes she is basically unstoppable. 3. Give us 5 words describing Lindsey
Will break you. Every time.

4. What is Lindsey's role on Element? Describe how she fits that role.
Lindsey’s role on Element is to be a leader, captain and play maker. She is our main offensive handler and a nasty D-handler to boot. Her goal is to lead the offense and destroy marks at will. As a captain, she makes sure to drive positivity and make games fun while also ensuring that we are executing our most focused play.

5. How does Lindsey's experience playing club and juniors help Element?
In every possible way. She has elite level throws, a disgustingly high ultimate IQ, and a crazy first step as a handler. Her experience with Underground and at the Juniors level, have really paid dividends for her UW play as she consistently makes the big plays for us. Moreover, she is a fantastic leader and gives great, focused advice to our younger players from her wealth of elite women’s ultimate experience.

What do others have to say about Lindsey?

Lindsey Wilson has been a major part of Underground (UG) for the past two club seasons, not only because of her intimidating skills on the field (ie huge throws and sick layouts), but off the field as well as a truly fun and energetic teammate. UG is very proud to call her one of our own.
Angelica Boyden, Underground #34

Lindsey is a great teammate and great leader. She loves this sport and it is evident in her spirit and play. I have always looked up to her and her dedication to our team, and believe she is highly deserving of this award.
Jillian Goodreau, Washington #7

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