Friday, May 13, 2011

That's What She Said

We asked some friends to give us five words or one sentence describing the following:

1) College women's ultimate
2) What it's like to qualify for the College Championships

Here's what they had to say...

1) College women's ultimate

Family, athleticism, 4 AM e-mails, late night practices, pure joy
Mary Kate "Uzi" Hogan (NYU, formerly USC)

athletic; dynamic, fun-as-hell; competitive; growing
Beryl Manning-Geist (Williams)

The future of competitive ultimate.
Anne Mercier (Ottawa)

I believe that college women's ultimate is about athleticism, teamwork, love for each other, and learning to embody the spirit of the game.
Claire Jencks (Colorado College)

College women's ultimate? The kinds of bonds this sport creates are amazing.
Lindsay Lang (UNC-Chapel Hill)

A sport where the level of competition is as high as the level of spirit
Seneca Gray (Smith)

Enriching. Empowering. Courageous. Growing. Loving.
Lindsey Hack (UNC-Chapel Hill)

intense, spirited, inspiring, empowering AND fun
Amber Sinicrope (Smith)

Community, Love, Intensity, Family, Life
Shannon O'Malley (formerly Washington)

2011 = Unprecedented Parity. Count it.
Danny Karlinsky (Washington)

2) What it's like to qualify for the College Championships

It's validation for everything you gave up to be a Nationals team, every ounce of hard work you put into the last x number of years to get there, and it's just one moment on the road towards the Championship because you knew you were good enough to be there, and now you are.

Mary Kate "Uzi" Hogan (NYU, formerly USC)

This championship highlights the growth of the Div III program and women's ultimate in general-much work remains to be done, but this is an important hallmark in the sport's development. Beryl Manning-Geist (Williams)

Qualifying for College Championships: Knowing that you are one of the top twenty teams in the nation, with the chance of finishing first overall, is an extremely exciting feeling!
AnnaMaria "Amp" Paruk (Michigan)

Stoked to play at the highest level of college ultimate, to meet and to build new friendships with awesome people that will cross my path for many years to come at other ultimate events.

Anne Mercier (Ottawa)

Qualifying for nationals is a great affirmation of the tremendous work we have done in the past two years to become a competitive team. We're on the upward trajectory, and are looking to improve even more before Nationals.
Sophie Herscu (Colorado College)

Overwhelmingly exciting to be able to watch and play with outstanding women from all over the country.

Seneca Gray (Smith)

Every time is just as special as the first.

Lindsey Hack (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Qualifying for division three nationals is incredibly gratifying and exciting--I can't wait to be part of the beginning of such an amazing and meaningful opportunity for small college ultimate programs!
Amber Sinicrope (Smith)

When you are in that game to go, your emotions are crazy, ups, downs, its a whirlwind. And when you score that final point and know you are going, chills run through your body and you can't help but scream, cheer and ambush those players who were just on the field.
Shannon O’Malley (formerly Washington)

Qualifying for Nationals is a giant wave of emotions: excitement, pride, fulfillment, relief, confidence, and the affirmation that all of your hard work was worth it. Then, almost immediately, it turns into determination. Your previous goal becomes an intermediary as you turn your focus to the three weeks ahead and the loftier goal of winning it all.
Rachel Habbert (formerly Stanford)

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