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Callahan Profile: Shannon Waugh (Colorado)

Shannon Waugh is one of the most well-loved players in college ultimate. She is an extremely talented all-around player, but more than that, Shannon is loved and respected by both teammates and opponents alike. I have had the privilege of knowing Shannon since her rookie year (and her older sister for several years before that). Shannon is truly a special person, and someone who inspires everyone around her to be better. She has built Kali into an amazing team, and program, during her five year tenure, and ultimate in Boulder is certainly better because of her. In this profile, we ask Shannon some questions, and then go to her club and college teammate Amanda Good for her perspective.

Shannon, first some questions for you...

1. Describe your playing history.

I played in high school at Monarch. I did that for two years and I played on the Colorado YCC team in 2006. Then, I went to the University of Colorado where I played for Kali for five years from 2007-2011, captaining my last 3 years. I played my first year of club with Rare Air in 2009. And this past fall I played on Molly Brown.

2. What was your role on Kali this year?


-Primary cutter

-Starting dance parties

-Lefty breaks

-Ending the dance parties

-Leading by example

-Bringing the funny

-Leading the cheers

-Owning the heat stroke and broken shoulders

-Always having tissues in her pants

-Throwing up on command


-Consistently open

-Costume bag carrier

-Dressing up the old ladies

-Part of pep squad

-Musical soundtrack maker

-Heart, fire, funny

3. Describe your game in 5 words.

Relentless, consistent, aggressive, positive, and spirited.

4. Favorite memory with Kali over the years

My favorite memory was College Nationals last year. The weekend was full of comebacks and upsets. I’ll never forget that tournament and making it to semis, having heat stroke, and fighting our way through every game. And of course, every dance off at Centex.

5. Offense or defense?

Defense because you can channel all of your aggression and energy into shutting down a player. I like offense for the same reason, dictating and just burning by people. But if I had to choose, it would be defense.

6. You are an extremely talented person. Describe some of what you do off the field.

I am really passionate about musical theater, singing, and dancing. My other “social circle” is the weird theater kids. Most of my itunes library is all musicals. I am also passionate about social justice, feminist issues and researching gender studies. At the end of this summer, I am moving to New York to pursue my dreams. In my spare time, I like to tell jokes for pretty much anyone who wants to listen. I spend an unbelievable about of time with kids and can speak 3 year old fluently. Also, I’ve been sick with Bieber fever since ’08.

Now we ask Amanda some questions...

1. Describe Shannon as a teammate and captain.

Shannon is the eternal optimist, always positive, always putting energy in whether from the sideline or on the field.

You couldn’t find a better teammate than Shannon. Her heart, dedication, and commitment Kali and ultimate are unmatched.

I’ve had the privilege of playing three seasons with Shannon and she’s taught me more than I can wrap my arms around. She has led Kali as a fun, loving, optimistic, positive, energetic, dedicated, and fearless player. Most of Kali would agree that Shannon has defined what it means to play with “heart”. Season after season, she put it all out on the field and never gave up. Her faith and confidence in the team has always been a guiding light. Shannon makes people believe in themselves with her infectious passion and dedication. She has challenged us to be better players and better women.

She has been a great supporter and contributor to the growth of women’s ultimate. She has good friends on many of the college and club teams, which has built respect for Kali around the states.

It is impossible to encompass Shannon in a few words. The amount of time, love, and commitment she has given to Kali is infinite. This fearless role model has set high standards for herself and for the team. We are sad to see her go but we will fight to continue Kali’s legacy. After all, it’s players like Shannon that make it all worth fighting for.

2. What is Shannon's biggest strength on the field? As a leader?

On the field, Shannon is an all-around good player, but her cutting stands out. You can always depend on Shannon to get open when you need her to. She never slows down or stops on O or D.

3. What is a memory from this season that defines Shannon in your mind?

The zombie face paint at Regionals this year.

4. Everyone knows Shannon Waugh. Tell us one thing people probably don't know.

Family history. Shannon’s dad started the team at Stanford. Both parents played club in California, Boston, and in Florida. They both played in the first worlds tournament and both of their teams won for USA. Shannon and her sister Heather started the Monarch team in high school. Heather played for Kali for five years and captained for two. She has also played on club teams like Rare Air and Ozone. Her brother, Cam, plays in high school and just went to Westerns.

5. What makes Shannon stand out from other players you've played with / coached?
Regardless of what is happening Shannon is always positive, always putting out 100% on the field. You never see a change in the way she moves or plays if she or anyone else has made a mistake; she just keeps on putting herself out there.

What do others have to say about Shannon?

Shannon Waugh consistently demonstrates exceptional athleticism, skill, sportsmanship, and camaraderie every single time she steps on the ultimate field. She has an uncanny ability to be inspirational to new and experienced players alike. It is a true pleasure to be her teammate and friend.
- Leslie Schein, Molly Brown #9

I feel lucky to have had Shannon as a teammate on both Rare Air and Molly Brown. In the club game, Shannon is constantly working- cutting tirelessly all over the field and throwing her fabulous lefty breaks. Then she turns around and uses her club experience to be one of the most positive, supportive, and inspirational leaders any college team has had. The best part about Shannon is that whether she is teaching a rookie how to throw, receiving feedback about her game, or about to puke from heat exhaustion, she will have a smile on her face.
- Anna Schott, Molly Brown #17

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